Western MA Organizer

Coalition for Social Justice (Education Fund)

Compensation: $24.00

Up to 40 hours a week until Dec. 2021, with potential for extension.

Organization Background

The Coalition for Social Justice is dedicated to building a grassroots movement for progressive social change viewed through a race and gender lens, rooted in communities that have been excluded from the economic benefits of the current system. We have a dual focus: to recruit and develop leadership, especially from low-income communities, and to build effective campaigns that address the economic survival issues that our constituency faces. We build grassroots power through empowering low-income voters, building a large network of volunteers, holding elected officials accountable and building broad coalitions.

For years, our national partner, Family Values at Work (FVAW) has been eager to see a federal policy on paid leave come to fruition. FVAW has invested in 27 states across the country, including Massachusetts, to create the momentum leading up to this moment. Chairman Neal has been supportive of the concept of a national policy on paid leave and since President Elect Biden's victory, there is renewed energy within the national advocacy community to really help make this happen.

Essential Job Functions

Execute a strategy that builds a network of volunteers, locates supportive organizations and identifies leaders to share their stories with Chairman Neal.

Qualifications and Competencies

Candidates should possess at least 1 year of previous grassroots organizing experience.

Leadership competencies to include:

Demonstrated track record of excellence in the following technical skills:

Job responsibilities:

Required Attributes and Skills:

Preferred Skills:


Role will report to Executive Director.

Equal Opportunity Policy:

Coalition for Social Justice is committed to a policy of non-discrimination, equal employment opportunity and affirmative action. Coalition for Social Justice abides by applicable federal and state constitutional and statutory processes mandating equal opportunity, including but not limited to the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, state and federal Family and Medical Leave Acts, the American with Disabilities Act and other relevant statutes.

To Apply:

Send a resume and informal cover letter about your interest to Deb Fastino, Executive Director at .